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Media Torque and Events started as a direct result of a problem...

The gap between brand and audience is growing, deeper and wider every day; we knew we had to become the bridge between brands and audiences, traditional approaches and technological innovations, inspired ideas and practical solutions that deliver measurable results.

We will help you navigate through the highly fragmented audience and across platforms to connect your brand with your audience and objectives.

We are the experts at translating your business objectives into strategic solutions that deliver measurable results and position your brand in today’s highly competitive market.

Every ad is an investment in the long-term image of a brand

Who we are

Media Torque and Events Is a 100% black-owned, women-led, media and events agency, or as our clients like to call us, agents of change.

We stand accountable to our clients and their objectives

Our teams are committed to translating your business objectives into strategic solutions that

  • Mitigate risk
  • Seize opportunity
  • Connect your brand with your audiences.

We are a seasoned team of analysts and storytellers, delivering solutions that impact your bottom line for the better.

Our vetted team of specialists in research, content and creative have unique knowledge and skills in turning insights through data, into 360 degree engagement solutions to help enterprises be more successful and create value

A brand is worthless if it doesn't connect with the right audiences in a relevant way

Our Clients

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